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When you need the best ‘Motoring Offence Solicitors’ following arrest, or charge for a Motoring Offence, talk to the expert team at Motoring Offence Solicitors.  We provide a superior privately funded service comprising advice and Court representation.


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Every client’s case is of the utmost importance to us.  Clients trust us and we are able to achieve a substantially high level of success.

We believe that these factors make us stand out from the crowd and have earned recommendations from many highly regarded publications.





Motoring Offence Solicitors is the specialist Motoring Law Offence division of Brian Koffman & Co Solicitors.  

Recognised by the Legal 500 as a ‘leading individual’ in criminal defence law, with a ‘fantastic reputation’ and particular expertise surrounding Motoring Offences.

You could not be in better hands.

We understand how important your driving licence is to you, which is why our goal is always to provide the very best legal representation and keep you on the road. Our Motoring Offence Lawyers are on hand and ready to help.


We pride ourselves on giving expert Motoring Offence advice which is based on our knowledge, experience, hard work and genuinely caring for the people we help every day.

Sometimes a motoring offence can be minor, but other times far more serious with consequences that are potentially devastating, involving custodial sentences, high-value fines or loss of driving licence and disqualification from driving. Even minor Motoring Offences can lead to increased points on your licence: not only resulting in increased costs on your car insurance premiums but the ‘totting up effect’ can also lead to an automatic disqualification from driving.

If you have been contacted by the police or received a notice of intended prosecution, we would advise contacting our team of driving offence solicitors us as early as possible, so we can advise you accordingly and ensure we reach the best possible outcome for you.


Our results driven legal advice maximises your chances of a positive outcome. If you have been charged with a driving offence, our road traffic defence solicitors are here to help.


Our experienced team understands the complex procedures surrounding the collection of breath, blood and urine samples.

Many cases are won because the police procedures were not conducted correctly.

The first step is to discuss your case with us. Even if you were over the limit, you may have a full defence to the allegation.


Our expert Dangerous Driving Solicitors in Manchester represent clients from all over the UK on dangerous driving charges.

If you are charged with the offence of dangerous driving, you need specialist expertise to provide immediate advice and legal representation.

Dangerous Driving Offences are the most serious of all road traffic offences and can often lead to custodial sentences not to mention driving bans and heavy financial penalties.

Brian Koffman is a specialist Dangerous Driving Solicitor in Manchester.  His team are the leading UK driving offence and criminal law defence firm with over 40 years experience in Road Traffic & Driving Law.

We offer the best privately funded defence representation to all motoring offences. We are here to help and we have over a 96% positive result rate. Contact us today.

Our team of Dangerous Driving Solicitors are based in Manchester but can represent clients from across the country.


New Laws Governing Driving with Excess Drugs

Since the 2 March 2015 it has been an offence to drive a motor vehicle with a concentration of a specified controlled drug above a specified level. The police can only test for three drugs at this stage, Cannabinoids, Benzodiazepines and cocaine.

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Motorist Loses Parking Ticket Appeal

The Supreme Court has dismissed a motorist’s appeal against a fine imposed by a car park. Barry Beavis objected to a £85 ticket imposed after exceeding a two-hour parking limit by nearly one hour. After the Court of Appeal dismissed his challenge, he took the case to the Supreme Court.

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It is extremely important that the first thing you do is contact Motoring Offence Solicitors and speak to our expert driving offence solicitors before you return any paperwork to the police. As soon as you make contact, we will have a look at the notice you have received and will ensure that the notice complies with the legal requirements. It is our duty to advise you on whether to complete the document or not and how you should complete it should it be necessary. Several technical defences are dependant on this part of the method being carried out properly by the police. Speak to us today.

According to Section 1 of the Road Traffic Act, a notice of intended prosecution is required to be served on the registered keeper of the vehicle within 14 days for most types of motoring offences. However, there are a few exceptions to the rules;

  • If owing to the presence of your vehicle on a road, an accident has occurred
  • You were given a verbal warning by the police at the time of the offence
  • You have been offered a fixed penalty
  • The offence itself is an exception to the rule due to a statutory provision

As stipulated by Section 172 of the Road Traffic Act 1988, if the registered keeper of the vehicle is a company, it is obligatory to keep records or who is driving the vehicle, unless it’s unreasonable to do so. If the registered keeper is an individual, then they must carry out all reasonable steps to establish who was driving. The gathering and presentation of evidence are vital should such defences be successful. 

Often the police will ask for an ‘informal chat’ to ‘get your side of the story’, in a bid to get you to reveal that you were the driver. Do not be fooled and simply state that you want to take legal advice before answering any questions. Upon arrival, you are likely to find that the police caution you before asking you questions. The earlier we can intervene, the better the chances are of winning your case as this initial interaction is the most vital stage in the process. It is your legal right to speak to a solicitor before you speak to the police, call us before you say anything. 

Driving with excess alcohol and dangerous driving carry an obligatory disqualification for a minimum of twelve months and in the case of dangerous driving, an extended retest should be passed at the end of that time.

For any offence that carries points, the court has a discretionary power to disqualify. In speeding cases, the courts will contemplate a disqualification once the speed alleged is 30mph higher than the speed limit. With these kinds of offences, each case will be judged on its individual merit but typically the court will take into consideration the seriousness of the offence (eg how fast, other “aggravating features”), mitigating factors relating the offence or the defendant, previous convictions and a defendant’s means.

If a driver gets twelve points inside a 3 year period then he/she falls to be disqualified beneath the totting-up provisions for a period of six months. However, we are able to help “totters” avoid a ban if it can be shown that they’d suffer exceptional hardship. this needs thorough preparation and gathering of proof and it is vital that the case is given to the court in an appropriate manner. we have many years of successful experience with cases like this.

Although each case is completely differen. Once you have explained the circumstances of your case, we will provide you with an indication as to what you’ll expect to receive by manner of penalty. We will put your mind at rest or warn you if we predict you have something to worry about!


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