Failing to supply a blood sample for analysis and the penalties (DR60 Offence)

Failing to provide a blood sample for analysis is an offence when a person refuses or is unable to give blood when asked to at the police station, unless they have a reasonable excuse for not doing so. Known as a DR60 driving offence, it is viewed by the courts as an extremely serious charge and is treated almost as seriously as drink driving and has the same minimum ban of 12 months. However, magistrates will normally impose a ban of 18-24 months’ unless strong mitigation is shown. In extreme circumstances, this type of offence could even carry a community or custodial sentence, so it's imperative you take immediate advice from expert drink driving solicitors at the earliest time possible

If you have been accused of failing to provide a blood sample, we can assist you in contesting the charge. There are routes of defence available for failing to provide a specimen for analysis. 

As motoring offence specialists we have defended many drivers who have found themselves in this situation and been highly successful in achieving the best possible outcome. We are highly experienced in handling these types of cases and know the law inside out. If you have a legitimate reason that would constitute as a reasonable excuse in the eyes of the courts, we will find it.

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Contact us under no obligation and we can review any evidence against you and advise you on how to best to put together your defence. We have extensive knowledge of the detailed technical laws relating to the charge of failing to provide a blood sample and can advise you on whether a reasonable excuse may arise in your case. For instance, after asking a driver to provide a blood sample, the police must explain that failure to do so may lead to prosecution. If this warning is not given, then the driver will not have committed an offence.

In addition to not following correct procedures, failure in the testing equipment could also be grounds for securing an acquittal. Other reasons that may constitute a legitimate excuse could include a medical condition suffered by the driver, or a genuine phobia of needles. This would need to be supported with expert evidence

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