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Driving is something most of us do on a daily basis, but do we adhere to the myriad of rules, regulations and laws that must be followed. Many of these laws are frequently broken as around 250,000 motorists are banned from driving each year in the UK. The increase in road surveillance technology has hugely raised the risk of losing your licence, whether you drive for domestic or commercial purposes. Here are some facts:

  • Around a quarter of current drivers have a driving conviction.
  • Lots of driving offences will come with set penalty points and a fine, but for some offences the courts have discretionary powers which enable them to ban a driver.
  • First time drivers can have their licence revoked if they get 6 points within two years of passing their test.
  • Around 100,000 drivers in the UK fail a drink driving breath test each year when stopped by the police.
  • Speeding is still the most common road traffic offence committed. There are around 5000 speed cameras in the UK with more being installed every week. Research has shown that almost half of British motorists admit to speeding on the motorway, and around a third say they speed in built-up areas.
  • The two most common distractions whilst driving are use of a mobile phones and eating behind the wheel. They are also the cause of many major road accidents
  • Police spot checks catch nearly 300,000 motorists a year who are driving without insurance.

The maximum penalties for road traffic offences are set by the government. The severity of the offence is taken into account when handing out penalties, with the most serious offences attracting the maximum penalties. The court decides on the appropriate penalty depending on individual circumstances.

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