Driving Without Due care and Attention (CD10 Conviction). Careless Driving Solicitors

Careless driving is a very serious motoring offence, but Brian Koffman & Co. has a 96% positive result rate. 

If you have been charged with careless driving and you are now worried, perhaps unsure what to do for the best, we recommend you take expert legal advice. Perhaps you want to contest the charge altogether? Or you may feel there are mitigating circumstances that, if presented to the courts in the right way, could result in a lesser punishment.

In any case, if you are hoping for the best outcome, then it is prudent to seek expert legal advice. Motoring Offence Solicitors offer the very best privately funded legal representation to clients in Manchester and across the UK.  Call our team today on 0161 832 3852 or complete the enquiry form on the right-hand side of this page.

What is careless driving?

Careless driving is driving below the standard of a competent and careful driver.  It is also described as driving ‘without due and attention or without reasonable consideration for other persons using the road or place’.  The court will have to be satisfied that you are ‘at fault’.

The Highway Code is often a good guide.

Examples of cases in which we have been involved include:

  • Driving a defective vehicle when the defect was known to the driver
  • Overtaking on the inside
  • Driving inappropriately close to another vehicle
  • Driving through a red light causing an accident
  • Emerging from a side road into the path of another vehicle
  • Turning right across the path of another vehicle causing an accident
  • Driving over the centre white line and colliding with an oncoming vehicle

Examples of cases in which we have been involved relating to driving with reasonable consideration include:

  • Flashing of lights to force another driver to give way
  • Misuse of a lane to avoid queueing
  • Unnecessarily remaining in an overtaking lane
  • Unnecessarily slow driving or braking without good cause
  • Driving with undipped headlights thus dazzling oncoming drivers
  • Driving through a puddle causing a pedestrian to be splashed

Typically, careless driving is a momentary negligent error of judgment or a single negligent manoeuvre


The courts have guidelines as follows:

A momentary lapse of concentration or misjudgement at low speed

Band A Fine 3-4 points
Loss of control due to speed, mishandling or insufficient attention to road conditions, or carelessly turning right across oncoming traffic Band B Fine 5-8 points
Overtaking manoeuvre at speed resulting in collision of vehicles, or driving bordering on the dangerous Band C Fine Consider disqualification OR 7-9 points

Defending the case

It is important to get specialist legal advice as soon as possible to give yourself the best chance of success in a dangerous driving case.  Whether you are contacting us before or after a police interview, we are here to provide expert advice, assistance and representation. 

By working with our team, we can offer you the benefits of:

  • over 40 years’ experience
  • specialisation in this field of work
  • an award-winning practice
  • nationwide coverage
  • expert advocates
  • access to forensic experts 

We will help you understand:

  • What defence may be available to you including, any potential legal issues that might crop up
  • The minimum sentence that can be passed if you plead guilty

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