Causing serious injury by dangerous driving and the penalties (DD10 Conviction)

In December 2012, the offence of causing serious injury by dangerous driving was introduced by giving courts the power to hand out heavier punishments to those convicted of the most serious of driving charges – with the exception of causing death. Parliament decided that a more focussed approach which targets offences with a specific set of circumstances was needed. This would create a middle ground between the lesser charge of dangerous driving and causing death by dangerous driving, and conviction in these cases will result in heavier penalties which reflect the severity of the injuries caused.

The court has the power to impose a maximum custodial sentence of up to five years’ imprisonment together a level 5 fine and mandatory disqualification period of two years’ or more (unless exceptional circumstances are taken into consideration to not disqualify. Furthermore, those convicted will have to undertake an extended retest. If you are facing a charge of causing serious injury by dangerous driving, you should enlist the services of a motoring offence specialist immediately or your chances of securing a more favourable outcome will significantly diminish. 

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Just because you have been accused of causing serious injury by dangerous driving this does not mean that you will be found guilty. When a case is brought before the court, the wording of the offence can make it easily open to interpretation. In addition, evidence such as accident reconstruction, speed calculations and scale plans will also be required. While every case is different, with thorough planning, meticulous preparation and carefully considered advice, we can offer you invaluable advice on strategies designed at making a crucial difference to the outcome of your case.

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