Death by dangerous driving and the penalties (DD80 Conviction)

Due to the serious nature of causing a fatality through dangerous driving, a conviction in these cases can carry the heaviest penalties of all motoring offences. The court has the power to impose a custodial sentence of up to 14 years’ imprisonment together with an unlimited fine, mandatory disqualification and extended re-testing should the defendant wish to reapply for their licence. Therefore, if you are unfortunately facing a charge of causing a fatality whilst driving it is absolutely crucial that you enlist the services of a highly professional and experienced Motoring Offence Specialist without delay.

Death by dangerous driving sentencing guidelines

When sentencing a death caused by dangerous driving the court has to weigh up the seriousness of the act or omission of the person who caused it with the devastating loss of life.

They will consider:

  • Any other offences that were committed at the same time, for example, driving a stolen vehicle
  • How responsible the defendant was for what happened
  • How many people were killed or injured
  • Whether the defendant was a close friend or relative of the victim, or was also injur
  • Previous convictions or previous good character of the defendant and whether they gave assistance at the scene or showed remorse.

The maximum sentence that can be imposed for death by dangerous driving offences is 14 years imprisonment. There will be a driving ban given which is a minimum of 2 years with a compulsory re-test.

Defending 'death by dangerous driving' charges

If you are facing investigation or prosecution for an offence of causing death by dangerous driving we cannot stress how important it is to seek the advice of an expert solicitor in serious motoring offences.

Cases like these are often defended on a factual basis, such as establishing that you did not drive in the manner alleged by the prosecution. Quite often there is a large evidential difference between what is alleged by the prosecution and what actually happened. This is where the knowledge of an experienced motoring solicitor can be invaluable.

Why choose Brian Koffman & Co.

At Brian Koffman & Co we will endeavour to assist you in achieving the best possible outcome. From your initial interview at the police station right through to the conclusion of your case, we will support you every step of the way. There is no need for you to go through this traumatic situation on your own. You can discuss your options free of charge with an expert Motoring Law Solicitor who has specialist expertise in dealing with causing death by driving offences.

We have considerable experience in handling these types of cases and with thorough planning, preparation and carefully considered advice we know how to obtain the best results for you. You may have to undergo an interview and require assistance at the police station. Brian Koffman & Co. Solicitors are fully police station qualified motoring law solicitors with vast experience of dealing with all police station matters.

A charge of causing death by dangerous driving would be heard by a jury in the Crown Court. When a case is brought before the court, the wording of the offence can make it easily open to interpretation. The facts of every case we have been involved in and the way they are presented have made a crucial difference to the outcome of every one of our death by dangerous driving cases.

It is also highly likely that expert evidence such as accident reconstruction, speed calculations and scale plans will be required. We have spent many years advising our clients on strategies designed at creating the most favourable chance of securing an acquittal. We will also consider providing representation under the terms of your motor insurance policy.

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If you are facing a ‘death by dangerous driving’ offence it is vitally important you are legally represented as early as possible. With a wealth of experience in these types of driving offences Brian Koffman Solicitors can help you and provide evidence that will allow the Courts to deal with you in the fairest way possible.

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