Driving Without License (LC20 & LC10 Offences). Caught Driving with No Licence?

The offence of 'Driving without a licence' or without Insurance are very serious criminal driving offences. Driving without a Licence will invalidate any insurance you may think you have. At Motoring Offence Solicitors’, we know that mistakes can happen, nevertheless being caught driving without a licence that is valid can have serious consequences that can greatly impact your life or your work.

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Under section 87(1) of the Road Traffic Act 1988 it is an offence to drive a vehicle without a licence appropriate to a vehicle of that class. There are thousands of people in the UK who drive without a valid licence. These include disqualified drivers, those who have never held a driving licence, those who do not hold the correct type of licence for the vehicle they are driving ie HGV, and provisional licence holders.

An associated Driving Offence contradicting the terms of your Driver Licence is an LC20 Driving Offence. An LC20 Driving offence is where a driver is caught driving a vehicle that is otherwise than in accordance than with the categories of vehicle stipulated on their driving licence

An LC20 endorsement is applied when you are caught driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence. This usually is a result of driving the wrong category of vehicle.

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Driving Without A Licence And The Law

If you intend to drive any kind of motor vehicle then it is, of course, obligatory to ensure you have a full driving licence for the type of vehicle in question. The only means of driving a vehicle without having a valid full licence is if you are learning to drive, therefore you should be displaying ‘L’ (learner) plates on the vehicle and be accompanied by a full licence owner.

If you decide to drive without the correct driving licence, then you are likely to be arrested if caught doing so by the Police. 

Today, the Police have a wealth of information and technology at their fingertips and can easily check on whether your vehicle has a valid MOT certificate, whether the vehicle is insured and whether you have a valid driving licence.

Driving without a licence is a risk not worth taking, if you are caught in this case, then you will likely face heavy punishments and heavy fines. This will also likely affect your future insurance premiums as the record of having been caught driving without a licence is also listed by the DVLA as a mark against your name.

What Punishment Could You Face For Driving Without A Licence?

An LC10 conviction for driving without a licence is a serious driving offence. Punishable with a fine of up to £1000 and the potential for between 3-6 points on your licence. Further punishment often combined with an LC10 is a further fine and higher penalty points for being found to have driven without insurance. Driving without Insurance can carry the risk of a fine of up to £5,000 and the potential for receiving a further 6-8 penalty points. If you already have penalty points on your licence this could take you up to or over the 12-point limit, that would generally mean a ban from driving. At the Court's discretion, they can also disqualify you from being able to get a driving licence for a period that they feel suits the severity of the offence or your neglect.

Driving Without A Licence Sentencing Guidelines

  • Driving Bans
  • Prohibited ability to hold a Drivers Licence
  • Penalty Points placed on your Licence
  • Fines of up to £5000
  • Higher premiums from Car Insurers, 
  • Potential for losing your job (if driving is integral to it)
  • Liability for any damages caused to others or their property
These punishments can be life-changing depending on your circumstances, so we recommend you speak to one of our expert driving offence solicitors if you have been caught driving without a licence. 

Can You Reduce The Sentence?

Driving without a licence is deemed as ‘strict liability’ or an ‘absolute offence’ in driving offence terms, this tends to mean there is little defence to offer as having no intention to commit the crime is not something generally taken into account. However, this still does not mean you have no options.

Your case can be viewed in a more favourable light by the courts if you plead guilty early in the court process. If being 'caught driving without a licence' is your first motoring or criminal offence, then an early plea and a show of genuine remorse can go a long way to the courts being less harsh with verdicts handed down.

Again, depending on your circumstances, it may be possible to argue ‘special reasons’ as to why you were caught driving without a licence was unavoidable and unintentional. When entering a guilty plea, depending on the circumstances, you can use ‘special reasons’ to argue your case as to why you unintentionally committed the offence.

What Are ‘Special Reasons’ Driving Offence, Defence pleas

If there are mitigating or extenuating circumstances surrounding the reason you were found to be driving without a licence. If also at the point of conviction and sentencing then disqualification is likely on the endorsement of penalty points, the court, at their discretion may consider ‘special reasons’ connected with the reason you were behind the wheel and they may also decide harsher penalties should not, therefore, be imposed.

For a circumstance to be considered as a ‘special reason’ this would not be a defence of the charge itself, but a plausible explanation of matters connected to the offence that may include things like a ‘medical emergency.'

Such cases often involve a level of complexity surrounding the circumstances of the offence, so if you feel ‘special reasons’ should apply in your case, please speak to one of our expert driving solicitors as soon as you can.

Who Are The DVLA?

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) established in 1965 is the UK driver and licencing organisation. The DVLA holds a database of all vehicles and drivers in the UK. responsible for maintaining the database of drivers and vehicles in Great Britain. The DVLA are committed to structuring safe roads and compliance surrounding driving standards across the country. They are also committed to the reduction of vehicle crime and tax evasions while supporting improvements to environmental factors impacted on by vehicles and roads.

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