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An MS90 conviction is a result of being convicted in your absence and is generally connected to failing to provide information about who was driving a car when an offence was committed.  

These days many traffic offences are detected by unmanned devices like speed cameras so the police need a way to force vehicle owners to provide details of who was driving at the time an offence was committed.  This is done by posting a notice of intended prosecution to the vehicle owner.

Hundreds of thousands of notices of intended prosecution are issued by the police each year.  Thousands of motorists find themselves appearing before the courts accused of failing to furnish the required information as to the identity of the driver who has been alleged to have committed a road traffic offence.

With over 40 years of experience in Road Traffic and Driving Law, Brian Koffman & Co. has an outstanding record in representing clients over motoring offences including MS90 offences. We have generally achieved a 96% positive result rate from the cases we take on. 

If you face charges of failing to provide appropriate driver identification and are seeking expert advice and representation, Motoring Offence Solicitors offer the very best privately funded Motoring Offence Defence representation to clients in Manchester and across the whole of the UK. 

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Steven Brown
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Hamid Mian
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I needed immediate legal assistance regarding a recent motoring offence. Mr. Brian was very professional and talked me through the case and my options. I would highly recommend to anyone in need of... legal more
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Cameron Bruce
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Brian was very helpful and communication was brilliant throughout the process. He got me the best possible result on the day without the need to attend court. Would highly recommend his services.
Shananay Watson
Shananay Watson
16:10 13 Oct 21
I searched endless for a trusted motoring solicitor and couldnt find anyone i deemed suitable until B.Koffman & Co.In recent months Mr. Koffman has dealt with everything associated with my Fathers... case from phonecalls to documentation ect.Upon first meeting Mr. Koffman explained in detail what repercussions my Father could face as a result of his driving offences, following our understand Mr. Koffman immediately turned his attention to how he could help.With afew meetings and several telephone calls a decision was made on how to proceed, following this Mr. Koffman travelled to us in order to attend court & won our case!I cannot recommend him enough, everything was done to perfection and no stone was left unturned.5* absolutely.If ever you have a motoring issue Mr. Koffman is the man to see.We have already recommended him to friends and will continue to do so.Thank you again Mr. Koffmanread more
Emma Bingham
Emma Bingham
18:12 24 Sep 21
I went to Brian when I received a letter due to a driving offence. He fully explain what I was being charged with and the options that were available to me. Brian represented me in court and in the... end managed to achieve a better than expected outcome. I would have no hesitation in recommending Brian to anyone and highly more
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Andrew Ritchie
14:53 28 Jul 21
I cannot thank Brian enough for the amount of commitment he put in to my case! He was able to explain the court process in simple terms, and I felt at ease knowing that someone so highly professional... was dealing with my case. His advice resulted in the case being dropped and it ended in my favour. After my experience I would definitely recommend Brian, as he handled everything so efficiently. If anyone is looking for a motoring and criminal law solicitor that goes above and beyond, Brian is YOUR MAN!read more
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Chris Edward
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I highly recommend the team at Motoring Offence Solicitors. They helped me expertly when I really needed it. Diligent, professional, highly knowledgeable and considering what I was facing, absolutely... amazing value. Thank you Brian and teamread more
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Ged Cosgrove
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I have had to use Brian’s services on a few occasions and have also recommended his services to clients, friends and family. I have always found Brian to be professional In my dealings with him, he... explains everything in layman’s terms and has always advised as to the right course of action. I have never been disappointed and have always been happy with the final more
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Louis Barron
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I called Brian at very short notice about handling a case for me and he was incredibly helpful straight away - he clearly explained the situation and my options, and represented me at court to... prevent me having to travel across half the country.He got me the outcome I requested and I couldn't recommend him or his services highly enough. I chose him from his excellent google reviews just like this one, and now can see why he is so highly regarded!Thanks again more
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Emma Wright
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I cannot thank Brian enough for all his hard work involved in helping me get the best possible outcome for a recent motoring offence. Brian has been very responsive and articulate throughout the... whole process which has made me feel at ease knowing I am dealing with a professional at the scary time of preparing for and going to court. I will recommend Brian to anyone who needs a professional to help them with any motoring offences.Hopefully, I never need to use you again, but if I do, you will definitely be the solicitor I use.Thank you again for helping more
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Andrea Lumb
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I have recently had the pleasure of dealing with Brian regarding a motoring offence for a close friend of mine. Brian has been amazing throughout the whole process with regular and clear... communication. Brian is professional and extremely knowledgeable in his field of expertise. Furthermore, and more importantly, Brian managed to get my friend the best possible outcome that we just didn’t think was possible. Hopefully, I never have to use Brian personally, however if I do commit a motoring offence, he will definitely be the man I call. I have already referred a family member of mine to Brian as I know he will be taken care of.Brian, thank you once again for all your hard work which in turn gave us the best possible more
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If you become aware you have been convicted in your absence of a driving offence, including Failing to Furnish the identification of a driver – (MS90), you can apply to reopen the case. Your grounds for doing so would be that you never received the original proceedings. 

To reopen the case, you must call the Courts & Tribunals Service Centre on 0300 303 0656 – and notify them.

They will take the relevant details and pass them to the Court which convicted you. That Court will then contact you to assist you in making a statutory declaration.

At some point, you will then be asked what your plea is to the offences, at which stage, we can provide advice and representation.

For any private client requiring professional legal advice or Court representation our fees are as follows:

  • Price for an initial Telephone consultation with regards to plea: £100.00 + VAT
  • Price for court representation: Minimum fee £1750-£2400 + VAT

If you have been charged with failing to furnish identification of the driver, call Motoring Offence Solicitors for the best privately funded driving offence legal; representation. We can then discuss your options, whether you are looking to defend the case entirely or plead guilty with a view to securing the lowest possible points or wanting to avoid a disqualification, we can help. 

Motoring Offence Solicitors offer the very best privately funded legal representation to clients accused of mobile phone driving offences in Manchester and across the UK.  Call our team today on 0161 832 3852 or complete the enquiry form above., at


Failing to furnish the identification of a driver is either not furnishing the information at all or not furnishing sufficient information.

A notice of intended prosecution will be initially sent to the registered keeper of a vehicle.  They are obliged to either identify the driver or give such information to enable the police to identify the driver. 

Failure to complete and return the notice within 28 days can lead to an MS90 conviction.

The most common cause of an MS90 offence is when the registered keeper of a vehicle changes their address and forgets to provide the new details to the DVLA. 

The notice of intended prosecution is sent to the old address, the vehicle owner is unaware of the offence and does not respond in time, therefore an MS90 conviction is entered.


For individuals, the sentence for an MS90 driving offence, if convicted, is a fine of up to £1,000 and either six penalty points or a disqualification.  For a limited company, it is a monetary fine. The MS90 penalty point endorsement will stay on your Licence for the period of 4 years from the date of the offence.

If you are pleading guilty we can, in some circumstances, persuade the prosecution to allow you to plead guilty to the original road traffic offence rather than the failure to furnish offence, for which the penalty might be less than six points. 

If you are convicted of failing to furnish and already have six or more points on your licence, you could be at risk of being disqualified if you have accumulated twelve or more points in total.  This could lead to a driving disqualification of at least six months under the totting-up provision.  


There are some options for making an MS90 appeal.

Among the defences which may be available for an MS90 conviction are:  

  • The notice or notices were never received
  • The information was sent to the police
  • There was no alleged traffic offence in the first place
  • The notice of intended prosecution sent to the registered keeper was not served within the required period of fourteen days
  • The notices were incorrectly addressed to the recipient

We have won many cases in the Magistrates’ Courts and the Crown Courts arguing exceptional hardship, as a result of which our clients either had their disqualification reduced or avoided disqualification altogether. 

Please click on Exceptional Hardship for more information.

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In some cases, there may be special reasons not to endorse a licence.  This may include an offence committed as a result of you being misled.

if you are convicted of MS90 failing to furnish and already have six or more points on your licence, you could be at risk of being disqualified in you have accumulated twelve or more points in total.  this could lead to disqualification of at least six months under the totting-up provisions.

We have won many cases in the Magistrates’ Courts and the crown Courts arguing special reasons, as a result of which our client either had their disqualification reduced or avoided disqualification altogether.  


If you own or drive a vehicle said to have committed a motoring offence, the police, under Section 172 of the Road Traffic Act 1988, can request details of who was driving a vehicle on a given day or time.

If the police think that the driver of a vehicle is committing an offence they will send out a notice to the registered keeper or suspected driver. That notice is known as a section 172 notice or a requirement to provide details of the driver. The most common reasons for one of these requests is a speeding offence caught on camera, but the police do request them out for other offences such as using a mobile phone if when stopped by police at the roadside a person gives false information or for drivers who refused to stop.

It is an offence under section 172 Road Traffic Act 1988 not to reply to the notice.

The police may prosecute any person who was sent a notice if they:

  • Do not reply within 28 days
  • Do reply but don’t identify the driver
If the vehicle is owned by a company and the driver details are not provided by the business the company directors may be required to provide the details.

In most cases, the guidelines for failure to provide driver details will be six penalty points on a licence and a fine of up to £1000.  In the case of a company, there are no penalty points.

If it is thought there is an attempt to provide false information the punishment may be more severe. Perverting the course of justice involves the risk of a prison sentence.

Failing to provide driver details can be complex and we would always recommend taking professional legal advice and representation before replying to a section 172 notice.


If you or your company have been charged with failing to provide driver details we can help. Our knowledge and expertise will ensure we reach the best possible outcome for you.

It is important to get specialist legal advice as soon as possible to give yourself the best chance of success in a fail furnish ID case.  We have a long history of success in MS90 offences and can provide expert advice, assistance and representation.  

Brian Koffman & Co are specialist motoring offence solicitors and have years of experience in handling cases like these.


If you have been charged with any type of motoring offence you will need the knowledge, expertise and support of a solicitor who understands, we can help. 

Please contact Brian Koffman & Co on 0161 832 3852  or submit an enquiry. We offer the best privately funded Motoring Law defence advice and representation.


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