Tachograph Offences

Tachographs are mandatory within industries that employ distance drivers. They record whether the goods vehicle is moving or stationary at any given time, the distance travelled and also records the speed of a vehicle. Subject to strict regulations their primary use is by officials who enforce the digital tachograph rules regarding the number of hours drivers are allowed to drive. Vehicles which must have tachographs installed include HGV’s (7.5 tonnes or more), vehicles which can transport more than 12 people, and public service vehicles.

It is against the law to tamper with a tachograph or its data. It is also an offence not to install a tachograph to a vehicle when one is required by law. The maximum punishment for anyone found guilty of tampering with a tachograph is an unlimited fine and up to two years in prison. Those found guilty of not fitting a tachograph to a vehicle which requires one could find themselves facing a fine as high as £50,000.

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