Driving without Insurance (IN10 Appeals and Offences)

Driving without insurance is a very serious motoring offence and will have a number of consequences for the driver if convicted. When convicted a drivers' licence will be endorsed with an IN10 Driving without Insurance conviction code which will mean much higher insurance premiums in the future. This could, however, be the least of your problems if convicted if such a serious driving offence.

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What is driving without insurance?

It is an offence to drive a motor vehicle on a road or other public place without insurance cover. 

It is up to the defendant to prove that he had insurance cover and to require him to produce a certificate of insurance or policy to show that he was insured.


The court must impose a financial penalty and order the licence be endorsed with six points.  In cases where the vehicle was being driven and there was no evidence that the driver had held insurance, the court should consider imposing seven or eight points or a disqualification of up to two months.  

If there is evidence of sustained use and/or involvement in an accident, the court will consider a disqualification of 6 – 12 months. 

In the case of taxi drivers, driving for hire or reward is an aggravating feature and the court will very often order that the licence be endorsed with seven or eight points. 

It is possible to persuade the court not to order a licence be endorsed where there is a ‘special reason’.  In no insurance cases, there could be a special reason if it can be shown that a defendant unintentionally committed the offence or was misled, without negligence, into committing it.  

It is necessary for a defendant to show that he was in some way misled.  An honest belief can only amount to special reasons if there were reasonable grounds for that belief.  

Defending the case

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