Appeal Against Motoring Conviction or Sentence

If you feel the sentence or penalty for a motoring offence you have received is unfair or unjust you do have the right to lodge an appeal against your sentence. When you appeal the sentence from a Magistrates’ Court this is done through the Crown Court where a Crown Court Judge and two magistrates will hear your case again.

If you are convicted or sentenced in a Magistrates’ Court and you were not present or an error has been made you can ask the magistrate to re-open the case. In some limited circumstances, the Magistrates’ Court may have made an error in law in convicting or sentencing you and you may appeal to the High Court.

There is a strict 21-day time limit within which you can lodge your appeal which is why we would advise taking professional advice as soon as you receive your sentence.

It is important to remember that generally speaking, if you pleaded guilty in the Magistrates' court then generally you can only appeal against your sentence, but you may appeal against your conviction in some very exceptional circumstances. If you pleaded not guilty in the Magistrates' court you can appeal against the conviction, the sentence or both, for example, to remove or reduce your driving disqualification.

If you win your appeal the sentence will be reduced. If you lose, however, your sentence can either remain the same or be increased. The judge and magistrates may also make you pay the prosecution’s costs.

How we can help in appealing a driving conviction

If you have been convicted of a motoring offence and feel the sentence you received is too severe or unjust we will be able to advise you whether you have a good enough case to appeal the sentence or not. If we feel you do our knowledge and expertise will ensure we reach the best possible outcome for you. Brian Koffman & Co has years of experience and a high success rate in cases like these and will prepare your appeal and maximise your chances of getting a positive result.

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