Discretionary driving ban from driving (MR59 Conviction)

Discretionary Disqualification is when the court uses its power to disqualify a driver for an offence that might usually be punishable by points and a fine.

Most driving offences in the UK include the option of a Discretionary Driving Ban if the police and prosecutors decide that the punishment is appropriate.

The majority of driving offences are punished by penalty points and a fine. However, in cases where the offence committed is considered to be so serious that penalty points and a fine is inadequate, the Court may decide that a discretionary driving ban is more appropriate. This decision is entirely made at the Court’s discretion and depends on the offence, the motorist’s driving record, any mitigating circumstances and the likelihood of the driver reoffending in the future.

Discretionary Disqualification may be handed down for an individual speeding offence, for example where speeds recorded are very high or for careless driving offences. Whilst there is no set period for the length of driving disqualification, Magistrates are advised that for speeding discretionary bans for the offence are normally given for up to 56 days. However, the Courts can impose whatever length of ban they feel is appropriate and could impose a ban of longer than 56 days in cases involving exceptionally high speeds.  

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As highly experienced motoring offence specialists we can significantly increase your chances of keeping your licence. We understand that being disqualified from driving can place a heavy burden on your life which is why we will endeavour to do everything within our power to persuade the Court that a driving ban would not be the correct decision. Whilst every case comes with its own circumstances, we may be able to argue that if the offence is not very serious, imposing penalty points would be more appropriate. There may even be special reasons relating to the offence itself not to endorse penalty points or reasons to impose a discretionary disqualification instead of penalty points.  

Through contacting us without any obligation, we will meticulously examine the Prosecution’s evidence against you and offer sound advice on the best course of action to take. There may be grounds to claim ‘exceptional hardship’ and argue that a driving ban would not be anyone’s best interests. As the decision is made at the Court’s discretion, you still have everything to play for and we will support you ever step of the way. With many years of experience and hundreds of successful outcomes, you can remain confident that you are being represented by the best in the industry.

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