Solicitors for Restoration Of Driving Licence following DVLA Withdrawal - Appeals on Medical Grounds

At Brian Koffman & Co we fully understand the serious consequences that losing your licence can have on your business, family and personal life. If DVLA have withdrawn your licence, waiting to get your licence back may seem like an eternity. However, through enlisting the assistance of a motoring offence specialist it may be possible for your licence to be restored quickly.

The DVLA may remove your license for a number of reasons which can include medical reasons, failing to surrender your licence for endorsement, penalty points and driving disqualification or age related matters.

Why choose Brian Koffman & Co.

We are highly experienced in dealing with licence restoration cases and know how to appeal to get your licence restored. We have helped countless drivers to get their licences back and we are confident that we can do the same for you. We understand that you will be eager to get back on the road as quickly as possible.

We are also specialists in helping drivers in cases where the DVLA has revoked or refused to issue a driving licence on medical grounds. There is a right of appeal to the local Magistrates’ Court and we have a high success rate in winning cases where the DVLA and drivers licencing issues are involved.

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If you have had your licence withdrawn and are seeking expert advice on how to get your licence back, Please contact Brian Koffman & Co on 0161 832 3852 or submit an enquiry.

Brian has won ‘age-related’ licensing restoration cases for his clients in the High Court against the DVLA. As reported in the Daily Telegraph read more