Failing to Comply with Road Signs, Signals & Traffic Light Offences (TS10 & TS30 Convictions)

Failing to comply with a sign or signal is a serious motoring offence, but Brian Koffman & Co. has a 96% positive result rate.

If you have been charged with a sign or signal offence or an offence such as speeding which requires, in many cases, properly displayed signs, and want to contest the charge, call us for a free no obligation discussion about your options. Whether you are looking to defend the case entirely or pleading guilty with a view to avoiding the imposition of points of wanting to avoid a disqualification we can help.

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What are signs and signal offences?

The Highway Authority has a legal obligation to maintain signs to inform drivers of speed limits.  A failure by a Highway Authority to meet the statutory requirements for the signing of speed limits could form the basis of a defence to speeding.

The Highway Authority also has an obligation to comply with regulations which set down how traffic lights should be set up and a failure to ensure that a traffic light is lawfully placed in accordance with the regulations is a defence.  It is further a defence that a driver has exercised reasonable prudence and where a driver is not acting negligently and has failed to see a traffic light because the way in which it was operating is a defence.


On conviction a court is obliged to impose a fine and order the driver’s licence be endorsed with three points.  However, in exceptional circumstances, it is possible to argue that even though the driver is guilty his licence ought not to be endorsed and we have been highly successful in persuading courts not to endorse.

Defending the case

It is important to get specialist legal advice as soon as possible to give yourself the best chance of success in a traffic sign case. 

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