Failing to comply with signals and the penalties (TS10)

Failing to comply with traffic light signals is known as a code TS10 driving offence.

The Highway Code requires all drivers to stop behind the white line when the red light is illuminated and a motorist may only drive when given the green light and only if it is safe to proceed. If you are accused of committing TS10 signs and signals driving offences, then this may result in a Fixed Penalty of three points on your licence and a fine of £100.

Many traffic lights are fitted with cameras which will record the registration of vehicles breaching the rules of the road in running red lights.

Alternatively, a police officer may witness the offence and choose to issue a fixed penalty notice directly to the driver. An accumulation of penalty points on your licence could lead to a disqualification from driving and this may affect your livelihood and result in a loss of earnings.

The expert Red Light Offence Solicitors at Motoring Offence Solicitors are specialist driving offence defence lawyers and will provide the best, most immediate guidance or representation needed.

Red Light Offences

It is an offence if you fail to stop for a red light.  If the red light is showing, you must stop behind the line in all circumstances.

As each offence comes with its own set of circumstances, an experienced Traffic Light Offence Solicitor will be able to assist you if you feel you had just cause for breaching the Highway Code.

You may have needed to run the light in order to avoid a collision with another road user. You may have had no other option than to drive onwards to allow an emergency vehicle to pass. The traffic light or camera could even potentially have been defective.

How can a red light offence be challenged?

Defences against a charge for contravening a red light include:

  • Issues with the photographic evidence being presented
  • The Notice of Intended Prosecution was not served on the registered keeper within 14 days
  • Challenging the reliability of evidence given by police officers
  • Stopping would cause an increased risk of there being an accident
  • Court papers were not issued within 6 months of the signal offence
  • The lights were not properly authorised by the local authority (usually in relation to temporary lights)

Caught Running a Red Light

Most traffic light offences are detected by speed cameras these days.  The now familiar yellow speed cameras can detect both speeding and red light offences simultaneously if necessary. Sensors in the road leading away from the camera are activated when the lights are red. If the sensors detect a vehicle during the red phase a signal is sent back to the camera, which takes a picture of the rear number plate.

If your vehicle is captured going through a red light by a traffic camera, you will be sent a Notice of Intended Prosecution asking you to confirm who the driver was. If you have received a Notice of Intended Prosecution, it is vital to take early advice from one of our solicitors.

As experts in dealing with motoring offences, we have helped countless drivers charged with driving offences such as running red lights and can do the same for you.

We understand that an accumulation of penalty points on your licence could lead to a disqualification from driving and can lead to an enormous amount of stress. If you have been charged with a traffic light offence, we can analyse all the evidence against you and put forward an effective defence to prevent you from being prosecuted.

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