Penalty Points and disqualification for Taxi Drivers

Penalties for taxi offences include fines, licence points, disqualification and the loss of the taxi licence.

Driving without a valid taxi licence

A fine of up to £2500, plus if the insurance then becomes invalid they would face a further charge of driving without insurance.

Taxi Touting

The licence would be revoked and they would face a fine of up to £1000.

Driving without insurance

A maximum fine of £5000, 6 to 8 penalty points and a possibility of being banned from driving for up to 12 months.

Giving wrong information when applying for taxi licence

If false information is given when applying for a taxi licence an offence has been committed and will lead to a fine. If the owner of a taxi business allows a person to drive a taxi for them knowing their details are not correct they will also be liable for a fine.

Smoking while driving a taxi

Regardless of whether any passengers were in the vehicle or not smoking in a taxi could result in a £50 fine.

Overcharging passengers

Fares are authorised by the local authority and charging passengers a higher rate or prolonging a journey unnecessarily can lead to a fine of £1,000.

Driving a taxi when over the legal limit - Drink driving penalties

A taxi driver found to be over the legal limit while in charge of their vehicle can be fined up to £2500 but the charge of drink driving will also be applied. Drink driving fines and punishments can include a custodial sentence and a fine of up to £5000. Not only are they endangering themselves, but also their passengers and other road users. Up to 11 penalty points or a ban can be applied in some cases of “drunk in charge” and a driving disqualification may also be imposed for driving or attempting to drive offences.